What differentiates a Coach from a trainer?

  1. A Coach assesses ALL aspects including health & wellness characteristics, fitness ability and lifestyle.
  2. A Coach provides direction and the plan – based off of an assessment and the athletes goals.
  3. A Coach provides logical feed-back to the athlete when needed.
  4. A Coach provides support when needed. They listen through tough times, but ensure you stay ready through the storms to keep you on track.

Luke Cousineau

Improving lives has always been my goal, and majoring in Criminal Justice as I entered college, I hoped to eventually join the CIA or become a Navy Seal. However, a series of leg injuries changed my mind. I knew with work and rehabilitation, I could still reach those dreams, but the human body fascinated me by its ability not only to recover from injury, but to grow – if done correctly. My passion led me to change my major to athletic training and pursue personal training as a career. I started in some bigger gyms, but I found them impersonal. I realized that building up people was more than just building muscles. Recognizing that mental wellness is as important as physical wellness, nothing makes me happier than helping clients achieve athletic feats they previously thought “impossible.” And watching my clients grow with, work with, and encourage each other daily gives me more pride than I could have ever felt in any other career. My goal is to provide clients with the skills, strength, and confidence to tackle anything in life – whether it be a deadlift, a new hobby, or a public speaking event. I’d love to help you live a better life and achieve the things you never thought possible.

Steve Matre

Life takes its turns, and when those turns are sharp, it’s only natural that we fall down. My dream of being a closer in the major leagues was stopped at the Single A level by two separate injuries. I lost my best friend, my mother, to Parkinson’s Disease in 2016. I won’t lie, I struggled to get back on my feet, because I’d lost some of my identity at each painful turn. I needed to rely on my friends and loved ones to help me back to my feet. Reflecting on my mother’s struggle as I learned to walk on my own again, I learned to appreciate the gift of movement that had been stolen from her. And out of that I realized my purpose - helping people move better, so they can appreciate life to its fullest, and to be their best selves. As I’ve studied coaching more, though, I’ve appreciated how much our lifestyles and mindset influence our willingness to move. The pillars of wellness all impact each other, and only by taking all of these into account do I create a growth plan for my clients. It takes time and hard work, but anything worth it in life does. Ultimately, I’m thankful for what these losses have taught me: about who I can be, and about who you can be. I’d love to help get you there.

Jonathan Dicks

My journey of both professional and personal growth is unconventional, a non-linear ride juxtaposed with many successes, fantastic failures of epic proportion, ultimate highs, and life-changing heartbreaks. It has crafted me into the man/father/husband I am to this very day and permeates my training style. It is in the journey that true growth is realized. I relish the opportunity to affect lifelong change by addressing a more whole picture of what constitutes “health” in each of my clients’ and their fitness journey. What does the picture you present say about you and your health? Is it a truthful reflection of who you are? Maybe the picture is just fine and all you need is a prescription change. Stop in and let us show you how perfect a fit we truly are.

Sanjay Shewakramani, MD

My passive approach to growth after finishing residency had led to a life I wasn't enjoying. I abruptly found myself alone four years ago, and the pain of that moment allowed me to believe that there could be a different way. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t a quick fix, but I began to challenge everything I ever knew, including the “fact” that I wasn’t an athlete. I sought out guidance to help me become healthy, and met Luke, who established himself as my life and fitness coach. With a non-judgmental approach, he allowed me to express my fears comfortably, and addressing those fears compassionately, he’s helped me realize that I have the potential to do anything I want. I no longer find myself limited in life to what I thought I “should” do or be, and fitness has helped me realize that. The confidence I’ve gained through this experience has helped me in all facets of life, and the support I receive from the coaches and their equally encouraging clients have helped me learn the true meaning of happiness. To me, happiness doesn’t come from what you own or receive, it’s about what you create with your life and give to the world. I helped create Revive Strength & Wellness to share that growth process and our coaches’ gift with the world, so that others can benefit in a similar way and achieve fulfillment and happiness in all areas of life.


Sometimes you have to be burned to become something beautiful. Failure happens. Not only is it normal, but it is necessary for growth. Use it to wake up the Phoenix recovering in the ashes.